The Library Foundation of Hillsboro

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council serves as a critical community champion of the Library Foundation of Hillsboro.

Role of the Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council share their gifts in service to our mission by providing the Foundation with their:

  • Professional expertise
  • Diverse perspectives
  • Connections to local resources and colleagues
  • Philanthropic support or other forms of needed assistance

Members of the Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council include:

  • Matt Berger, Community Volunteer
  • Kelsey Cleveland, Principle and Founder, Kelsey Cleveland LLC
  • Robert Harris, Harris Law Firm, PC
  • JoAnn Lumaco, Community Volunteer
  • Gail Madsen, Retired, Oregon Health Division, EMS
  • Daniel Nguyen – Apple Corporation
  • Mary Ordal, Community Volunteer
  • Rick Paulson, Community Volunteer
  • Susan Rosenberger, Retired Educator
  • Lynn Scheller, Retired Educator
  • Albert Tavarez, VP, Branch Manager Columbia Bank
  • Qinglan Xiang, Product Marketing Engineer, Intel

Celebrating a long history of successful support of the Hillsboro Public Library