The Library Foundation of Hillsboro

Library Support Groups

The Library Board, the Library Foundation of Hillsboro, and Friends of the Hillsboro Public Library are three volunteer organizations that support the City of Hillsboro Libraries.

Library Board

The seven-member Library Board is established by the State of Oregon. Members are appointed by the Mayor at the consent of the City Council. The Board serves in an advisory capacity to City Council, formulating rules and policies for the governance of the Library and reviewing Library expenditures for approval and payment.

Library Foundation of Hillsboro

The Library Foundation of Hillsboro is a Board of Directors with seven to twenty one members who meet monthly. This group of community advocates raises funds for the Library through events, grants, donations from charitable foundations, local businesses and private individuals. The Foundation is further committed to raising awareness to the importance of long-term sustainable funding. To this end the Foundation invests and manages a substantial Endowment for the benefit of the Library.

Friends of the Hillsboro Public Library

The Friends of the Hillsboro Public Library is a large group of volunteers who give time as their schedules allow. The Friends support the Library by collecting, organizing and selling thousands of donated books each year. The two annual book sales generate significant funds that are used to enhance programs and materials that year.

Celebrating a long history of successful support of the Hillsboro Public Library